Predator of the night

In 1888, a cold-blooded killer set loose with the intension to murder the prostitutes in London and succeeded in taking the lives of six women with another thirteen alleged victims.

In this era, there were many unskilled women who resulted to prostitution to survive, these women were commonly known as the ‘unfortunates’ due to their ill-fated lifestyles. The unfortunates owned only what they carried or wore and sold their bodies to help pay for a bed and drink for a single night. The popular lodging homes on Dorset Street and Flower and Dean Street were also brothels and 8 pence would pay for a double bed for a single night.

The first victim, Martha Tabram, was discovered in the corridor of a tenement block on the 7th of August, followed by Mary Ann Nichols on the 31st of August, Annie Chapman on the 8th of September, both Catherine Eddowes and Elizabeth Stride were found on the 30th of September and finally Mary Jane Kelly who was discovered on the 9th of November.

Although there was no clear indication that these women knew one another, they were all murdered within a square mile of each other. The killings horrified Whitechapel and struck fear into its very citizens as more and more mutilated bodies were being found over course of Jack the Ripper’s three month killing spree.

Test your knowledge of this serial killers victims on the Jack the Ripper walk in the East End of London where you will be shown the very places where he brutally murdered each of his victims by London’s best Jack the Ripper enthusiasts. Get to know the ins and outs of the Ripper story with one of our fantastic Ripperologists who will inform you of all the nitty gritty grisly details of this disturbing tale.

Brush up on your Ripper history and join the hunt as we go searching for one of Britain’s most feared malevolent predators.


Was Jack the Ripper A Homosexual?

There are over two-hundred suspects of who Jack the Ripper could have been. This is one of the reasons why so many people are keen to book themselves onto the Jack the Ripper Tour which will help them understand why the over one hundred year old murder case has still not been resolved.

Most suspect theories by Jack the Ripper experts point towards men that loved women, however another Jack the Ripper suspect is ‘Dr’ Francis Tumblety. It is thought that Mr Tumblety was a self-educated Irish-American man raised in New York where he trained as a homeopathic physician.

Mr Tumblety later went on to earn a small fortune as an ‘Indian Herb Doctor’ (some feel he was a fake Indian Herb Doctor) during his travels across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Mr Tumblety visited England a few times and on one trip he met the Victorian writer, Thomas Henry Hall Caine. They enjoyed an affair and Mr Tumblety tried to borrow money off of Thomas Caine but he was turned down.

It is claimed that Mr Tumblety had many famous patients including Charles Dickens and he dealt with a great number and variety of illnesses throughout various patients of different walks of life.

In November 1888, Mr Tumblety was arrested on charges of ‘gross indecency’ after apparently engaging in public displays of homosexuality.

Mr Tumblety was very well known in the United States for his scams, including impersonating an army officer and selling forged military discharge papers to soldiers throughout the American Civil war.

When news of Mr Tumblety’s arrest came to America it was presumed that this was because he was Jack the Ripper and this is when the rumour began to spread!


How Jack the Ripper Novels Are Written

When an author starts writing a novel based on real events he determines which sources he will utilise to write the novel. He also determines which sources he will use to back up the situations in the novel and to provide real evidence. Whenever a writer decides upon writing a novel on Jack the Ripper, he goes through a number of steps to find the material he needs.

Library database is accessed by the writer in order to get his hands on the old newspapers of the Jack the Ripper era. Library access involves both offline and online platforms that provides all the facts and figures regarding Jack the Ripper case victims and suspects. This helps the writer in gathering solid factual material to base the novel on.

Secondary sources are great if the material is written or compiled by good authors. Commercially written novels, books or news pieces aren’t what writers need to write his novel. He needs all of the material that is based on facts and estimations (with the mention that the derived conclusions are based on the assumptions of the case solvers or the writer).

Secondary sources are the most utilised tool for the writers who work on the Jack the Ripper novels as finding primary sources on this particular subject is really difficult. The Jack the Ripper era has long gone and finding people who lived in Whitechapel during the dark Jack the Ripper era or those who worked on his case a task which is almost impossible to achieve.

Lastly, a number of writers take Jack the Ripper tours for inspiration. They take this tour to get a closer insight to who Jack the Ripper was, where he lived, where he committed his murdered and so on. Jack the ripper tours also provides clues to where Jack the Ripper went after brutalising and terrorising the people of Whitechapel. Also, the tour gives hints about who Jack the Ripper could actually be.


Homicide detective Forces Scotland Yard to Release Uncensored Jack the Ripper Files

A retired homicide has decided to get to the bottom of the Jack the Ripper case. The Jack the Ripper case is known as one of the most famous cases in the history of crime and there have always been endless speculations and fascinations regarding its aspects.

Jack the Ripper’s first brutalised victim was found on the street of East End about 123 years ago but Jack the Ripper’s fear can still be felt while walking on the shadowy East London paths.

Trevor Marriot, a retired homicide detective couldn’t convince himself to not get into the Jack the Ripper case. When he clearly knew that he wouldn’t settle down without going for more than just the Jack the Ripper tours but actually solving Jack the Ripper’s mystery; he decided to force Scotland Yard to released uncensored versions of files that they haven’t shown to anyone yet.

According to the homicide detective, the unreleased and uncensored Jack the Ripper files can take him to the fresh leads on the identity of Jack the Ripper. It is believed the volumes contain tens of thousands of titbits regarding the Scotland Yard’s dealings with the public and police informants. The information covers the two-months in which Jack the Ripper was on his brutal killing rampage in the year 1888.

There was no one left out from the spotlight of the suspicion. Some of the many suspects in time included an American quack who later fled London, a painter named Walter Sickert, a Polish Jew who lived in Whitechapel and a member of the Royal family. Trevor Marriot believes that he would be able to find out who Jack the Ripper actually was once he gets his hands on the unreleased files that are covered in dust in the record room of Scotland Yard.

We don’t know what information the files from Scotland Yard can offer to Trevor Marriot and whether or not those files would be made visible to the detective. However, we can’t stop thinking about why Scotland has been hiding such crucial info that could lead the police to Jack the Ripper?


Who Was Jack The Ripper – Was He A She?

jack-ripper-339511354Many lovers of history of the Jack the Ripper  mysterious murders wonder if Jack the Ripper may actually have been Jill the Ripper who was also known as ‘The Mad Midwife’. Lots of people go on Jack the Ripper Walks and take the Jack the Ripper Tour every year to see if they can find out who the real Jack the Ripper was; in this article we discuss the fact that Jack the Ripper may have been the lady known as ‘The Mad Midwife’.

A book published in 1959 written by Donald McCormick raised the theory that this lady could in fact be Jack the Ripper further to a testimony given by Caroline Maxwell after the murder of Mary Kelly.

Caroline Maxwell felt she had seen Kelly the next day, but then felt that it was not her shape, but it was her clothes. The shape of the woman under the clothes was more a shape of the lady known as ‘The Mad Midwife’.

An Inspector on the case reported that Jack the Ripper could have been a female committing the gruesome murders but he felt that the only kind of woman capable of committing these crimes would be a midwife. Hence The Mad Midwife’s nickname.

Some find this idea ridiculous and claim that a woman would not be able to commit these types of crimes. However, some parts of the theory make sense. For example, the whole of London were looking for Jack the Ripper, who was male. This would make it easy for a female to go unnoticed for as long as she did.

Due to the style of work a midwife does it would not be surprising to see a midwife at all hours of the night wearing an apron or clothing covered in blood and of course someone working as a midwife would have the anatomical knowledge that would be required for those types of murders.


Ripper street- Life after Jack the Ripper

Ripper-StreetIf you have always been interested in learning more and more about Jack the Ripper and his life occurrences, we bring you good news.

The BBC has developed a crime drama based on the aftermaths of Jack the Ripper era. The producers, directors and the entire team claim that Ripper Street will be a spine chilling and thought provoking drama.

There have been a number of dramas and TV shows made on the life and crimes of Jack the Ripper but the Ripper Street will bring a new light to the whole subject. This series is intended to be completely different to any others of its kind.

Ripper Street has to offer you much more. Teeth-jarring brawls and the exploration of dead bodies are the common sightings that you will experience in the Ripper Street. Unlike all the other TV shows and movies on the same subject, this one is filmed under the top directors, which makes Ripper Street something that nothing else has offered before.

The drama is set in 1889, which is the time when Jack the Ripper had carried out all of his brutal killings throughout the east end in London. The drama shows the time after Jack the Ripper. The creator of this masterpiece wanted to tap into how the east end London murders still resonate today. For this purpose, a lot of research was done and several brainstorming sessions were taken place.

If you are a Jack the Ripper tours fan but still haven’t seen this TV series then you should definitely take time to watch it. Once you watch one episode, you will be bound to watch the rest of the episodes of Ripper Street to find out what happens next in the history of Jack the Ripper!


Autopsy Report of Jack the Ripper Case by FBI

The Jack the Ripper case had very weak medical findings due to lack of medical facilities that are easily available nowadays. Doctors and surgeons of that time could only tell certain evident things and DNA acquisition or finger prints were a farfetched idea for them.

However, whatever data and evidence the metropolitan police could find they recorded it in their files. One hundred years after the murders, the FBI took initiative to do criminal investigation of the matter; and they came up with the following autopsy report. Of course some of the facts are a rough guess owing to poor medical practices of that time.

The main areas noticed were that none of the victims were sexually assaulted by the murderer; the victims were murdered very quickly and during his act controlled the victim properly so they could not escape. The killer must have had some anatomical knowledge as he removed body organs from the victims such as their nose and their kidney.

No evidence of physical aggression prior to the murder was noticed and it showed that Ripper had no plans of mutilating the body prior killing the victim. The murderer performed horrific post-mortem mutilation on the victim once she had died. Some other evidence shows that the reason for victim’s death could also be possible strangulation.

The killer was doubted as an expert because blood from victims was concentrated in small areas. One victim had rings which were taken by the killer. The final murder was the most gruesome as it was done indoors and the body of the victim was badly mutilated, indicating that the killer spent plenty of time at the scene. All the murders were done in the early hours of the morning and in the dark alleys of the Whitechapel area.

These autopsy findings by the FBI were very similar to what the metropolitan police had gathered at that time. Though there is no way the identity of the killer could be revealed but Jack the Ripper enthusiasts are not giving up. Some even take the Jack the Ripper tour to get an insight into the history of the case and retrace the steps of the dreaded killer.