Jack the Ripper Conspiracy Theories

Jack the Ripper is an epithet of a merciless murderer who killed at least five women in the east side of London. As a Jack the Ripper walk tells, in the time of Whitechapel murders, there were a lot of murders that took place but only five of them were considered as definite murders done by one individual named Jack the Ripper.

There have been numerous other notorious murderers in the history of the world crime who killed more people than Jack the Ripper but there aren’t as many conspiracy theories attached to their names as there are attached with Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper Was from Leonardo Da Vinci’s League

As absurd as it sounds, Patricia Cornwell, an author, claimed that Jack the Ripper was a painter. A few years ago a painting was discovered which only had a name of the painter on it and nothing else. The painter’s name was Walter Sickert, who was one of the most famous artists of his time, though not notoriously. However, as soon as the painting was found, Miss Patricia Cornwell claimed that Walter Sickert was as good as Leonardo Da Vinci’s when it came to painting various portraits but he was actually Jack the Ripper himself.

The Whitechapel Murderer Was a Renowned Surgeon

Another conspiracy theory involves a man named Tony Williams, who claimed that his great-great-great grandfather was the Jack the Ripper. The man Mr Tony blamed as the Jack the Ripper was a renowned surgeon of his time and had a good reputation. However, as soon as Mr Tony discovered a six inches knife, his gut feeling told him that it’s the same knife that Jack the Ripper and that Sir Williams was the Jack the Ripper. The autopsy reports of Ripper murders also indicated the usage of a similar knife so Mr Tony Williams wrote a book on his theory.

Jack the Ripper Was One of the Victorian Family Members

One of the many conspiracy theories also include the story of Jack the Ripper’s involvement with the Victorian family. It is said that Jack the Ripper was Queen Victoria’s close relative and the reason why he never got caught was the very reason that he was very powerful being a family member of Victorian family. However, this is yet another conspiracy theory as there is no solid evidence that can back up this story.

However, nobody is absolutely sure about who Jack the Ripper actually was. It’s been over a 100 years. The case remains open. The mystery remains just that; a mystery. There are a lot of conspiracy theories which can probably be evaluated by studying all the books writing on the subject or by taking a Jack the Ripper walk.


Why Jack the Ripper Case Is Still a Mystery Everyone Wants To Solve

Despite of the fact that many decades have passed and Jack the Ripper case still remains unsolved, there still are people who want to work on this case. Throughout the years many writers, researchers, mystery solvers and other individuals made efforts to solve Jack the Ripper case but all were met with failure. There are simply too many speculations, theories and conspiracies surrounding the case and none of them are deemed as ‘case solving’.

There are a number of reasons why Jack the Ripper case is still a mystery that everyone wants to solve.  First reason is the uncertainty surrounding the killer’s identity. While some people believed that Jack the Ripper was a painter, some believed he was a surgeon. Some even believed that he was a royal0 family member.

Another reason behind everyone’s interest in this case is that Jack the Ripper’s gender has also been a mystery. While most people believed he was a man, new theories began emerging that Jack the Ripper was actually a woman. The method in which Jack the Ripper killed his victims also remains largely a mystery because nobody knows why he killed his victims the way he did.

Also researches are not entirely certain on the number of murders he committed. Everyone is familiar with the infamous canonical five however there were more murders in the coming months some with striking similarities to the rippers five. So there is a high probability that Jack the Ripper killed more than five women but we may never know for certain as the whole case remains shrouded with mystery, and is one of the many reasons why Jack the Ripper Walks are such a huge success.


Why Should You Take Jack the Ripper Tours?

If you haven’t taken the Jack the Ripper tour yet then below is a little preview of what you will experience during the tours and why should you take them!

One of the key features of a Jack the Ripper tour is the hand held projectors used by the guides. Hand held projectors will give you a graphical view of who the Jack the Ripper was (supposedly), who his victims were and how he killed them and why. This gives a clear and engaging insight into the whole Jack the Ripper history.

As is the case with any good tour, specialised tour guides are at your disposal. These tour guides have conducted thorough research on Jack the Ripper history and are also aware of all the conspiracy theories related to the Jack the Ripper story. Jack the Ripper tour guides can separate the facts and fiction for you better than anybody can.

Also these tour guides will tell you the story of Whitechapel murders in a way that you will feel like being a part of the Victorian era! The tour guides will tell you these stories while you will be walking with them on the streets of Whitechapel. These would be the very streets on which Jack the Ripper killed all of his victims. Hearing the stories of the murders will send a cold shiver down your spine.

Be sure to look into experiencing the thrill of going on the Ripper walk.


Taking the Jack the Ripper Tour

Some people go on Jack the Ripper tours for the sake of fun and excitement. Some take them for sightseeing while a number of people are simply intrigued and curious by the events and just want to know more.

No matter how much you already know about the Jack the Ripper saga, a guided tour of Whitechapel would surely reveal new information that you didn’t know before. Tour guides go deep into the history of the events and everyone is sure to find something they didn’t know before.

Once given the tour brief, you will be taken to the Whitechapel streets where Jack the Ripper carried out his brutal murders. You will visit pubs which hold great significance in this dark period of London history such as The Ten Bells, a pub where most of Ripper victims were last seen. It is very probable that Jack the Ripper himself might have hung out there disguised as a common person.

Also, you will be allowed to take photos of various crime sites; there are plenty of photo opportunities so be sure to bring the camera along.

Bottom line is that these tours are both fun and informative. Hundreds of thousands of people visit London and take this tour. Whitechapel was the centre of attention during the last 19th century and by walking the very streets Jack the Ripper frequented, people get a sense of what it was like to be living in Whitechapel during those tough times.


Why Are People So Intrigued With Jack the Ripper?

Of all the infamous serial killers and murderers ever throughout history, Jack the Ripper stands out from the crowd. Even though it’s been over 125 years since the horrible saga unfolded, people are still captivated by the events. There still remains great curiosity about the case and to this day, Ripperologists are still searching for clues that could lead them to the real Ripper. Below we will point out some of the reasons why people are so intrigued by it.

A Gruesome Killing Spree

From Many Ann Nichols, to Annie Chapman, to the double murders of Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes, Jack the Ripper moved from one victim to the next like people go through a groceries list. What was even more disturbing was the fact that each murder was more gruesome than the first which created massive panic not just in Whitechapel but all over UK.

Police Baffled

Despite having the best detectives on the case along with literally an army of constables, police were unable to crack the case. They discovered some leads, a few key pieces of evidence and a letter allegedly written by the killer himself but nothing could lead them to the notorious Jack the Ripper. To make matters worse, in a severe lapse of judgement, a key piece of evidence was eliminated in order to avoid spreading mass panic. This evidence was writing on a chalkboard also allegedly written by the killer but was later erased after taking snapshots of the board.

The Killer Managed to Escape

Without a doubt, the most intriguing part of the whole Jack the Ripper Saga is that the killer managed to evade the grasp of the law and escape without leaving a trace. This is a tough pill to swallow not just for law enforcement officers but for any citizen who believes crime does not pay. Many believe that Jack the Ripper was just too smart for the law at that time.

These are just some of the things that make Jack the Ripper Tours so popular. Hundreds of thousands of people come from all over the world to meet the faceless face of terror of the 19th century. If you’re visiting London, be sure to check it out and share your experience!


The Tales of the Past

Jack the Ripper is the title given to the unidentified serial killer who was active near the Whitechapel in London in 1988. He is reported to have murdered several people including women. He would cut their throats and after killing them, would remove their internal organs. His inhuman brutal killings have inspired multiple works of fiction.

Jack the Ripper is mainly famous because although he is responsible for killing many people brutally in London he is still not identified no one knows who he was or where he came from all that is left are the vicious tales of what he did. These tales narrate about the events that took place on the streets of London and how victims were attacked by him. These stories have circulated so rapidly that the streets where once laid the bodies of innocent victims are now filled with tourists inquiring about them.

It is called Jack the Ripper Walk, on this walk tourist along with locals tour the streets of London starting from the Tower Hill. A guide accompanies them and tells them about the history of Jack the Ripper, he tells them about the victims, how some of them escaped and where the ones that were killed lied.

This walk simply takes place to remind everyone about the torturous period of 1988, how people were aware that a murderer was out loose and the police did not even identify him. They try to create the same scene of 1988 and narrate the tales as realistically as possible.

On the walk, sites like where some of the victims used to hang out where they lay dead are included and the guides on these tours are so well read that they point out details and stories that one will never notice on their own. They have a great talent of narrating story with much enthusiasm and detail which forces one to shiver numerous times which is why the jack the ripper walk is considered the best ghost walk by many well known people.

This walk is taken by several people because it acquaints them about the horrible history that the city has gone through, it reminds them about the innocent lives that were taken on the streets that they walk on and for some it’s just a chance to get a little scared.


The Manhunt Continues

Many wonder why the police never managed to catch Jack the Ripper and the metropolitan police were criticized by various magazines including punch who published an image of men playing blinds man’s bluff with the words ‘turn around three times and catch whom you may!’ printed at the bottom. This satirical image was used to humour the public through the dark days of 1888.

At the time, the metropolitan police were poorly paid and worked excessively long hours. For those police forces that weren’t local, finding their way around the complex streets of East End London proved to be a difficult task alongside the fact that local people were occasionally hostile and reluctant to co-operate with the police.

Criminal activity in the east end of London in 1888 normally consisted of petty offences which involved public drunkenness or disorder, however the reputation that was built up of the East End terrified police to the point where they decided to go in pairs to a crime scene. All districts were divided into timed beats accompanied by fixed routes which meant in basic terms that no matter where an incident or a victim was, the police would always be close by.

A lot of time during the investigation, the police were following leads and trying to decode and differentiate real letters from hoax letters as well as experimenting with various bloodhounds to try and track down the murderer. Unfortunately, forensic science had not yet been invented so the police could do very little more than interview several witnesses, observe the evidence and flood the district with police officers for a small portion of hope that the metropolitan police force could catch this malicious serial killer.

Although suspects were identified, both abroad and in Britain, the police never found enough reliable evidence to uncover the true identity of Jack the Ripper. The most common suspects consisted of surgeons, butchers and medical students as well as various members of the local Jewish community.

If you’d like to find out more about the story of this ruthless killer, then come and join us on the Jack the Ripper tour for a mind-blowing, heart-racing experience that will put you right back into 1888.