Jack the Ripper Conspiracy Theories

Jack the Ripper is an epithet of a merciless murderer who killed at least five women in the east side of London. As a Jack the Ripper walk tells, in the time of Whitechapel murders, there were a lot of murders that took place but only five of them were considered as definite murders done by one individual named Jack the Ripper.

There have been numerous other notorious murderers in the history of the world crime who killed more people than Jack the Ripper but there aren’t as many conspiracy theories attached to their names as there are attached with Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper Was from Leonardo Da Vinci’s League

As absurd as it sounds, Patricia Cornwell, an author, claimed that Jack the Ripper was a painter. A few years ago a painting was discovered which only had a name of the painter on it and nothing else. The painter’s name was Walter Sickert, who was one of the most famous artists of his time, though not notoriously. However, as soon as the painting was found, Miss Patricia Cornwell claimed that Walter Sickert was as good as Leonardo Da Vinci’s when it came to painting various portraits but he was actually Jack the Ripper himself.

The Whitechapel Murderer Was a Renowned Surgeon

Another conspiracy theory involves a man named Tony Williams, who claimed that his great-great-great grandfather was the Jack the Ripper. The man Mr Tony blamed as the Jack the Ripper was a renowned surgeon of his time and had a good reputation. However, as soon as Mr Tony discovered a six inches knife, his gut feeling told him that it’s the same knife that Jack the Ripper and that Sir Williams was the Jack the Ripper. The autopsy reports of Ripper murders also indicated the usage of a similar knife so Mr Tony Williams wrote a book on his theory.

Jack the Ripper Was One of the Victorian Family Members

One of the many conspiracy theories also include the story of Jack the Ripper’s involvement with the Victorian family. It is said that Jack the Ripper was Queen Victoria’s close relative and the reason why he never got caught was the very reason that he was very powerful being a family member of Victorian family. However, this is yet another conspiracy theory as there is no solid evidence that can back up this story.

However, nobody is absolutely sure about who Jack the Ripper actually was. It’s been over a 100 years. The case remains open. The mystery remains just that; a mystery. There are a lot of conspiracy theories which can probably be evaluated by studying all the books writing on the subject or by taking a Jack the Ripper walk.


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