Why Jack the Ripper Case Is Still a Mystery Everyone Wants To Solve

Despite of the fact that many decades have passed and Jack the Ripper case still remains unsolved, there still are people who want to work on this case. Throughout the years many writers, researchers, mystery solvers and other individuals made efforts to solve Jack the Ripper case but all were met with failure. There are simply too many speculations, theories and conspiracies surrounding the case and none of them are deemed as ‘case solving’.

There are a number of reasons why Jack the Ripper case is still a mystery that everyone wants to solve.  First reason is the uncertainty surrounding the killer’s identity. While some people believed that Jack the Ripper was a painter, some believed he was a surgeon. Some even believed that he was a royal0 family member.

Another reason behind everyone’s interest in this case is that Jack the Ripper’s gender has also been a mystery. While most people believed he was a man, new theories began emerging that Jack the Ripper was actually a woman. The method in which Jack the Ripper killed his victims also remains largely a mystery because nobody knows why he killed his victims the way he did.

Also researches are not entirely certain on the number of murders he committed. Everyone is familiar with the infamous canonical five however there were more murders in the coming months some with striking similarities to the rippers five. So there is a high probability that Jack the Ripper killed more than five women but we may never know for certain as the whole case remains shrouded with mystery, and is one of the many reasons why Jack the Ripper Walks are such a huge success.


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