Why Should You Take Jack the Ripper Tours?

If you haven’t taken the Jack the Ripper tour yet then below is a little preview of what you will experience during the tours and why should you take them!

One of the key features of a Jack the Ripper tour is the hand held projectors used by the guides. Hand held projectors will give you a graphical view of who the Jack the Ripper was (supposedly), who his victims were and how he killed them and why. This gives a clear and engaging insight into the whole Jack the Ripper history.

As is the case with any good tour, specialised tour guides are at your disposal. These tour guides have conducted thorough research on Jack the Ripper history and are also aware of all the conspiracy theories related to the Jack the Ripper story. Jack the Ripper tour guides can separate the facts and fiction for you better than anybody can.

Also these tour guides will tell you the story of Whitechapel murders in a way that you will feel like being a part of the Victorian era! The tour guides will tell you these stories while you will be walking with them on the streets of Whitechapel. These would be the very streets on which Jack the Ripper killed all of his victims. Hearing the stories of the murders will send a cold shiver down your spine.

Be sure to look into experiencing the thrill of going on the Ripper walk.


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