Taking the Jack the Ripper Tour

Some people go on Jack the Ripper tours for the sake of fun and excitement. Some take them for sightseeing while a number of people are simply intrigued and curious by the events and just want to know more.

No matter how much you already know about the Jack the Ripper saga, a guided tour of Whitechapel would surely reveal new information that you didn’t know before. Tour guides go deep into the history of the events and everyone is sure to find something they didn’t know before.

Once given the tour brief, you will be taken to the Whitechapel streets where Jack the Ripper carried out his brutal murders. You will visit pubs which hold great significance in this dark period of London history such as The Ten Bells, a pub where most of Ripper victims were last seen. It is very probable that Jack the Ripper himself might have hung out there disguised as a common person.

Also, you will be allowed to take photos of various crime sites; there are plenty of photo opportunities so be sure to bring the camera along.

Bottom line is that these tours are both fun and informative. Hundreds of thousands of people visit London and take this tour. Whitechapel was the centre of attention during the last 19th century and by walking the very streets Jack the Ripper frequented, people get a sense of what it was like to be living in Whitechapel during those tough times.


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