The Tales of the Past

Jack the Ripper is the title given to the unidentified serial killer who was active near the Whitechapel in London in 1988. He is reported to have murdered several people including women. He would cut their throats and after killing them, would remove their internal organs. His inhuman brutal killings have inspired multiple works of fiction.

Jack the Ripper is mainly famous because although he is responsible for killing many people brutally in London he is still not identified no one knows who he was or where he came from all that is left are the vicious tales of what he did. These tales narrate about the events that took place on the streets of London and how victims were attacked by him. These stories have circulated so rapidly that the streets where once laid the bodies of innocent victims are now filled with tourists inquiring about them.

It is called Jack the Ripper Walk, on this walk tourist along with locals tour the streets of London starting from the Tower Hill. A guide accompanies them and tells them about the history of Jack the Ripper, he tells them about the victims, how some of them escaped and where the ones that were killed lied.

This walk simply takes place to remind everyone about the torturous period of 1988, how people were aware that a murderer was out loose and the police did not even identify him. They try to create the same scene of 1988 and narrate the tales as realistically as possible.

On the walk, sites like where some of the victims used to hang out where they lay dead are included and the guides on these tours are so well read that they point out details and stories that one will never notice on their own. They have a great talent of narrating story with much enthusiasm and detail which forces one to shiver numerous times which is why the jack the ripper walk is considered the best ghost walk by many well known people.

This walk is taken by several people because it acquaints them about the horrible history that the city has gone through, it reminds them about the innocent lives that were taken on the streets that they walk on and for some it’s just a chance to get a little scared.


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