Was Jack the Ripper A Homosexual?

There are over two-hundred suspects of who Jack the Ripper could have been. This is one of the reasons why so many people are keen to book themselves onto the Jack the Ripper Tour which will help them understand why the over one hundred year old murder case has still not been resolved.

Most suspect theories by Jack the Ripper experts point towards men that loved women, however another Jack the Ripper suspect is ‘Dr’ Francis Tumblety. It is thought that Mr Tumblety was a self-educated Irish-American man raised in New York where he trained as a homeopathic physician.

Mr Tumblety later went on to earn a small fortune as an ‘Indian Herb Doctor’ (some feel he was a fake Indian Herb Doctor) during his travels across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Mr Tumblety visited England a few times and on one trip he met the Victorian writer, Thomas Henry Hall Caine. They enjoyed an affair and Mr Tumblety tried to borrow money off of Thomas Caine but he was turned down.

It is claimed that Mr Tumblety had many famous patients including Charles Dickens and he dealt with a great number and variety of illnesses throughout various patients of different walks of life.

In November 1888, Mr Tumblety was arrested on charges of ‘gross indecency’ after apparently engaging in public displays of homosexuality.

Mr Tumblety was very well known in the United States for his scams, including impersonating an army officer and selling forged military discharge papers to soldiers throughout the American Civil war.

When news of Mr Tumblety’s arrest came to America it was presumed that this was because he was Jack the Ripper and this is when the rumour began to spread!


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