How Jack the Ripper Novels Are Written

When an author starts writing a novel based on real events he determines which sources he will utilise to write the novel. He also determines which sources he will use to back up the situations in the novel and to provide real evidence. Whenever a writer decides upon writing a novel on Jack the Ripper, he goes through a number of steps to find the material he needs.

Library database is accessed by the writer in order to get his hands on the old newspapers of the Jack the Ripper era. Library access involves both offline and online platforms that provides all the facts and figures regarding Jack the Ripper case victims and suspects. This helps the writer in gathering solid factual material to base the novel on.

Secondary sources are great if the material is written or compiled by good authors. Commercially written novels, books or news pieces aren’t what writers need to write his novel. He needs all of the material that is based on facts and estimations (with the mention that the derived conclusions are based on the assumptions of the case solvers or the writer).

Secondary sources are the most utilised tool for the writers who work on the Jack the Ripper novels as finding primary sources on this particular subject is really difficult. The Jack the Ripper era has long gone and finding people who lived in Whitechapel during the dark Jack the Ripper era or those who worked on his case a task which is almost impossible to achieve.

Lastly, a number of writers take Jack the Ripper tours for inspiration. They take this tour to get a closer insight to who Jack the Ripper was, where he lived, where he committed his murdered and so on. Jack the ripper tours also provides clues to where Jack the Ripper went after brutalising and terrorising the people of Whitechapel. Also, the tour gives hints about who Jack the Ripper could actually be.


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