Homicide detective Forces Scotland Yard to Release Uncensored Jack the Ripper Files

A retired homicide has decided to get to the bottom of the Jack the Ripper case. The Jack the Ripper case is known as one of the most famous cases in the history of crime and there have always been endless speculations and fascinations regarding its aspects.

Jack the Ripper’s first brutalised victim was found on the street of East End about 123 years ago but Jack the Ripper’s fear can still be felt while walking on the shadowy East London paths.

Trevor Marriot, a retired homicide detective couldn’t convince himself to not get into the Jack the Ripper case. When he clearly knew that he wouldn’t settle down without going for more than just the Jack the Ripper tours but actually solving Jack the Ripper’s mystery; he decided to force Scotland Yard to released uncensored versions of files that they haven’t shown to anyone yet.

According to the homicide detective, the unreleased and uncensored Jack the Ripper files can take him to the fresh leads on the identity of Jack the Ripper. It is believed the volumes contain tens of thousands of titbits regarding the Scotland Yard’s dealings with the public and police informants. The information covers the two-months in which Jack the Ripper was on his brutal killing rampage in the year 1888.

There was no one left out from the spotlight of the suspicion. Some of the many suspects in time included an American quack who later fled London, a painter named Walter Sickert, a Polish Jew who lived in Whitechapel and a member of the Royal family. Trevor Marriot believes that he would be able to find out who Jack the Ripper actually was once he gets his hands on the unreleased files that are covered in dust in the record room of Scotland Yard.

We don’t know what information the files from Scotland Yard can offer to Trevor Marriot and whether or not those files would be made visible to the detective. However, we can’t stop thinking about why Scotland has been hiding such crucial info that could lead the police to Jack the Ripper?


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