Who Was Jack The Ripper – Was He A She?

jack-ripper-339511354Many lovers of history of the Jack the Ripper  mysterious murders wonder if Jack the Ripper may actually have been Jill the Ripper who was also known as ‘The Mad Midwife’. Lots of people go on Jack the Ripper Walks and take the Jack the Ripper Tour every year to see if they can find out who the real Jack the Ripper was; in this article we discuss the fact that Jack the Ripper may have been the lady known as ‘The Mad Midwife’.

A book published in 1959 written by Donald McCormick raised the theory that this lady could in fact be Jack the Ripper further to a testimony given by Caroline Maxwell after the murder of Mary Kelly.

Caroline Maxwell felt she had seen Kelly the next day, but then felt that it was not her shape, but it was her clothes. The shape of the woman under the clothes was more a shape of the lady known as ‘The Mad Midwife’.

An Inspector on the case reported that Jack the Ripper could have been a female committing the gruesome murders but he felt that the only kind of woman capable of committing these crimes would be a midwife. Hence The Mad Midwife’s nickname.

Some find this idea ridiculous and claim that a woman would not be able to commit these types of crimes. However, some parts of the theory make sense. For example, the whole of London were looking for Jack the Ripper, who was male. This would make it easy for a female to go unnoticed for as long as she did.

Due to the style of work a midwife does it would not be surprising to see a midwife at all hours of the night wearing an apron or clothing covered in blood and of course someone working as a midwife would have the anatomical knowledge that would be required for those types of murders.


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