Ripper street- Life after Jack the Ripper

Ripper-StreetIf you have always been interested in learning more and more about Jack the Ripper and his life occurrences, we bring you good news.

The BBC has developed a crime drama based on the aftermaths of Jack the Ripper era. The producers, directors and the entire team claim that Ripper Street will be a spine chilling and thought provoking drama.

There have been a number of dramas and TV shows made on the life and crimes of Jack the Ripper but the Ripper Street will bring a new light to the whole subject. This series is intended to be completely different to any others of its kind.

Ripper Street has to offer you much more. Teeth-jarring brawls and the exploration of dead bodies are the common sightings that you will experience in the Ripper Street. Unlike all the other TV shows and movies on the same subject, this one is filmed under the top directors, which makes Ripper Street something that nothing else has offered before.

The drama is set in 1889, which is the time when Jack the Ripper had carried out all of his brutal killings throughout the east end in London. The drama shows the time after Jack the Ripper. The creator of this masterpiece wanted to tap into how the east end London murders still resonate today. For this purpose, a lot of research was done and several brainstorming sessions were taken place.

If you are a Jack the Ripper tours fan but still haven’t seen this TV series then you should definitely take time to watch it. Once you watch one episode, you will be bound to watch the rest of the episodes of Ripper Street to find out what happens next in the history of Jack the Ripper!


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