Autopsy Report of Jack the Ripper Case by FBI

The Jack the Ripper case had very weak medical findings due to lack of medical facilities that are easily available nowadays. Doctors and surgeons of that time could only tell certain evident things and DNA acquisition or finger prints were a farfetched idea for them.

However, whatever data and evidence the metropolitan police could find they recorded it in their files. One hundred years after the murders, the FBI took initiative to do criminal investigation of the matter; and they came up with the following autopsy report. Of course some of the facts are a rough guess owing to poor medical practices of that time.

The main areas noticed were that none of the victims were sexually assaulted by the murderer; the victims were murdered very quickly and during his act controlled the victim properly so they could not escape. The killer must have had some anatomical knowledge as he removed body organs from the victims such as their nose and their kidney.

No evidence of physical aggression prior to the murder was noticed and it showed that Ripper had no plans of mutilating the body prior killing the victim. The murderer performed horrific post-mortem mutilation on the victim once she had died. Some other evidence shows that the reason for victim’s death could also be possible strangulation.

The killer was doubted as an expert because blood from victims was concentrated in small areas. One victim had rings which were taken by the killer. The final murder was the most gruesome as it was done indoors and the body of the victim was badly mutilated, indicating that the killer spent plenty of time at the scene. All the murders were done in the early hours of the morning and in the dark alleys of the Whitechapel area.

These autopsy findings by the FBI were very similar to what the metropolitan police had gathered at that time. Though there is no way the identity of the killer could be revealed but Jack the Ripper enthusiasts are not giving up. Some even take the Jack the Ripper tour to get an insight into the history of the case and retrace the steps of the dreaded killer.


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