FBI Investigated Jack The Ripper

2013 is the year which marks the 125th anniversary for one of the most famous serial killer of the current era. Jack the Ripper was a murderer who was never caught and the identity remains a secret even till this date.

Jack the Ripper was a Whitechapel murderer who had killed a total of five women, brutally in the Victorian Era and left the police authorities baffled with how he got away with it.

Despite all this time, why does this murder mystery still continue to stretch for such a prolonged period of time? There is even regular Jack the ripper tours and children are taught about him in history lessons.

Today, there continues to be people known as ripperologists who investigate these murders and try to find out the true identity of who he really was. The case was so hyped about that even the FBI decided to have a crack at it in 1988 but all they could do was list two suspects that they thought might be Jack the Ripper.

The very first suspect according to the FBI was Aaron Kosminski and they had all the reasons to believe him to be the killer. Kosminski was a Polish- Jewish immigrant and, as stated much earlier by investigators, the killer was an immigrant of a polish descent. He was only aged around 23 when the murders took place which fits perfectly according to the criteria. Aaron lived with his brothers and sister on the Goulston street and it is rather interesting to note that there was a blood stained apron found on that same street an hour after a woman was murdered.  Kominski was questioned about the murders and later sent to the asylum where he died in the year 1919.

The second victim on the FBI list who matched parts of the profile of the murderer was Robert Mann. He was a mortuary assistant and lived a significantly short distance away from two places where two ripper murders occurred. He was the person who washed and laid out the body of the first ripper victim Mary Nichols, He died in the year 1896 and remains as one of the prime suspects of the ripper murders.

Although the FBI were very close to revealing the identity of the true Jack the Ripper there was nothing official that would pin point to any particular person and their association with being the killer.


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