The Victimology Report by FBI for Jack the Ripper Case

fbi_logoThe never ending case of Jack the Ripper was assessed by a special agent of FBI in 1988.

By relying on the data already recorded by metropolitan police and the insufficient medical evidences collected at that time, they tried to give the mysterious case a better direction.

In the special agent’s analysis he drew a profile of the victims which was called the Victimology report. Some assumptions by the agent had to be made due to lack of evidence.

As per the FBI agent’s study and analysis, he believed that most of the victims of Jack the Ripper had drinking issues which led them to drinking heavily every now and then. All of them were prostitutes and because of the nature of their work and their drinking habit they fell into the category of those who can easily become the subject of a crime. Because the victims were prostitutes, it was very difficult for the police of that time to obtain any evidence from the dead body such as foreign hair, fibres and relate it to Jack the Ripper.

Such uncertainty 100 years ago made the case very weak. Prostitution was not an organised business as it is nowadays; women used to work independently and did not have a specific location to entertain their customers. Dark alleys and sidewalks are all such places where preferred spots for such activities and the FBI agent doubted that many of these victims may have been assaulted and abused by most of their customers before they met Jack the Ripper.

Jack the RipperThe prostitutes of 1888 did not dress much differently than the women of that time and most of the Jack the Ripper victims were twice the age of the prostitutes today. However, the last victim was aged 25 and was badly mutilated after being murdered.

The reason for these victims to fall prey to Jack the Ripper was their easy accessibility, so more than these ladies approached the murderer and met their unfortunate and horrific end. Those who wish to know more on the victims and do not only want to rely on the Victimology report of the FBI agent; they can take the Jack the Ripper Walk to be entertained on the facts and even pictures of the victims. This way they will also be able to use all of the stories as evidence and may come to a conclusion of their own.


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