125th Anniversary of Jack the Ripper Murders – Some Myths Unveiled

JTRJack the Ripper murders were committed in the late 18th century but the case has never put to rest. Police files on the Ripper never closed and neither did people give up on finding out who the right killer was.

On the 125th anniversary of Jack the Ripper murders, a retired British murder squad detective, Trevor Marriott, sheds some light on the myths that have been associated with the gruelling case of the murderer.

Trevor’s objective is to make people realise that they have been misled for a very long time regarding the information and facts related to this case. Trevor has been working on the Jack the Ripper case since 2002 and accompanying his great interest in the case, he has made some revelations about the myths that he believed to be true.

Trevor thinks that the newspaper reporter of that time cooked up the name Jack the Ripper and it was people of Whitechapel that pressurised police officials to indentify the killer even though they didn’t have any solid evidence.125th anniversary of JTR murders

All of this gave popularity to the murders and to the character Jack the Ripper who otherwise would have lingered in the dark. Trevor knows that police failed miserably in catching the culprit and newspapers or the public is not to be blamed for it.

However, being on the case for more than 10 years, Trevor has no intention of solving the case. The retired detective feels that there may be more than one killer who struck at Whitechapel but people only thought of it as one. The facts, media, books and documentaries have all played an equal role.

Commonly people accept that five canonical murders were the evil work of Ripper but Trevor, utilising his professional knowledge and expertise, assessed that there were more than five murders that were either done by the killer or were a copy-cat attempts.

The emphasis of Trevor is to clear the misunderstanding that people have been brewing in their minds about the killer based on the previous reports and wrong information. Trevor insisted that police never named the killer as Jack; in fact he was on the police file as Whitechapel killer. The myth behind the identity of the killer has not been solved and Trevor doubts that it will ever be. If you wish to know more, Jack the Ripper tour is a great means to get around the silent and dark alleys of Whitechapel area and also get familiar on the details of the victims. Trevor is not up to solving the case but who knows maybe you could find clues that lead you straight to the killer’s identity.


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