Jack the Ripper


Chilly air fills the room, and goose-bumps appear on my skin when I think about Jack the Ripper. But there are many people interested in who he was, what he did and try to understand the reasons behind it.

Who was Jack the Ripper? The honest answer would be that nobody knows. It was a name given to an unknown serial killer in the late 1880’s in East London. Many people had migrated to the UK from Ireland and there was a lot of poverty in Easy London. People were living in very bad conditions and many women resorted to prostitution. And it was these prostitutes who were targeted and savagely murdered by Jack the Ripper.

Initially no one connected the murders. But then, the legend states that one of the journalists was sent a letter, from the killer exclaiming that he was behind all the murders. Many people thought it was a hoax, but another letter came in which he claimed that he will cut of the lady’s ear, after which a prostitute was murdered who had a piece of her ear cut off. This made many believe the letters were indeed written by the killer himself. He wrote many letter out of which 3 became very famous; “Dear Boss”, “Saucy Jacky” and “From Hell”.

He not only stabbed his victims but also removed their organs, which led the police to believe that the killer had extensive knowledge of the human body. In result, butchers, slaughterers, surgeons and physicians all became primes suspect in the case, and were frequently visited and questioned by the police.

Many names were given to these killings by the media. “Leather Apron” and “The Whitechapel Murders” were a few names mentioned in newspapers regarding these incidents, but Jack the Ripper was the most referred to name for the murders and that’s how the world remembers them.

This was the first time that a serial killer was being talked about on international media, so the newspapers went crazy with the story.  They discussed the murderer’s killing style and how it matched with other killings, confirming that all the murders were done by the same person.

The killer remained a mystery, and this inspired many writers to write fictional stories about Jack the Ripper. You will find many versions and many interpretations of the events and the killer. If you are interested in him you can also take the Jack the Ripper Tour and get to learn more about him and his victims.


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