Top 5 Haunted Attractions in London


London, the capital of England, is known as a center of attraction for tourists all over the world. Some of the most famous attractions that London offers are Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. However, there is another side to this attractive city that few people see. It is the darker side of London which holds spine-chilling stories of various occurrences in the history of the city for you. Here are some must-see spots for your interest if you plan a ghostly adventure in London:

1.       Scream and Madame Tussauds

You have already been to Madam Tussauds?  Didn’t find anything spooky there? You definitely haven’t visited the Scream Chamber. Scream is an inner chamber where things get shivery as visitors are taken to a maximum-security prison taken over by disturbed convicts. Scream is considered as one of the scariest experiences among the London Haunted attractions.

2.       Clink Hostels

If you are interested in staying at revulsion-themed hotels during your tour of London, Clink Hostels should be your destination. The hostel is built inside an imposing 19th century courthouse where you stay in prison cells. The cells have the traditional heavy doors and barred windows that you see watching in the movies.

3.       50 Berkeley Square

This spot is the home of Maggs Bros, the antiquarian book dealers. According to the legend, this house’s attic room is haunted by the spirit of a woman who killed herself by jumping off the top floor’s window. According to different people, the spirit of the young woman takes either the shape of a white figure or a brown mist when it has to show its presence to the people in the attic.

4.       Haunted Tube Stations in London

The Haunted Tube Stations in London are believed to be one of those places in London where spirits of several deceased are seen not only by the natives but by the tourists as well. This place is possessed by the spirits of a Black Nun, an actor, and a 13 year old. While the Black Nun looks for her executed brother and the murdered actor tries to find his killers, the 13 year old trainee hatmaker is heard screaming in the middle of the nights.

5.       Jack the Ripper Tour

Jack the Ripper tour is yet another spine-chilling attraction in London. Jack the Ripper was a merciless killer who dissected his victims after killing them and left the opened bodies on the streets of London. The guides of Jack the Ripper tour will take you to the spots where Jack the Ripper killed his victims as well as to those places where he left trails. None of those trails, however, helped the police or investigators catch Jack the Ripper.

These are the top 5 haunted attractions in London which you can visit if you want to be terrified. You can check London tourism guides or maps to find out about more haunted places.


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