The Pubs of Whitechapel


Pubs have played a somewhat mysterious role in the murder mysteries of Jack the Ripper and they have come up too often to be neglected as to why they weren’t significant in the role of murders of all those prostitutes. The question about what pubs did the victims visit has come up quite often and it is about time that this issue is addressed.

It is an established fact that Jack the ripper targeted prostitutes as all the victims that he murdered so brutally were all prostitutes and back in the time pubs were considered to be a good place for these prostitutes to get some business for the night.

The prostitutes used to walk from pub to pub in search of customers and occasionally stopped for a drink or two. They had to keep moving in order to avoid the police and being arrested which is why they frequented pubs quite often so that they could gain some business and also avoid the police at the same time.

Mary Kelly, who was the last victim of Jack the ripper visited pubs quite often, on the night of her murder was seen by a witness who saw her drinking at the Horn of Plenty Pub. In the early hours of the morning, she was also seen drinking outside the Britannia. It is now known that she visited at least three pubs on the night of her murder, the first one was Ten bells, The Horn of Plenty and The Britannia.

After more than a hundred years there are only four pubs that still remain from that time; The ten Bells, The King Stores, The City Darts and The Alma, the other two pubs, The horn of Plenty and The Britannia are not in existence anymore and have been closed down. So in the times of when all those murders took place, all the prostitutes had at least half a dozen different pubs to choose from in that small area of White chapel where they could easily go to.

The Britannia


This pub was at located on Dorset Street and Commercial. This pub was closed down in the year 1928 in order to expand the market of Spitalfields. This pub was just at the opposite corner of the Horn Of Plenty which also does not exist anymore.

The Princess Alice


This pub played a significant role in the murder of two of the ripper victims and now the name has been changed to City Darts. The pub was completely remodeled in the year 1980 and now it’s a regular meeting place for the Cloak and Dagger club.

If you are interested in knowing more or witnessing the places iconic to Jack the Ripper then you can always head down to London and take the Jack the Ripper tour. The tour will take you to each of the places where the murders occurred and give you all the information that you need to try and solve the mystery of these murders on your own.


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