Killer App Called Track The Ripper

trackThe infamous serial killer who has boggled the minds of even the best detectives for more than a century is now back in a more innovative way to test your knowledge and skills to put you through another test. Applications creator WildKnowledge have partnered with The Fink Agency who are digital media specialists and also film maker Bullseye Lantern who will work together to create an app called Track The Ripper and give a whole new meaning to this mystery.

This application will allow its users to visit the key locations of Jack the ripper in the area of the White chapel and take you back to the year 1988 where it all began but in a more digital manner in the form of an interactive movie. This application has quickly gained a lot of viewership and has also been acknowledged by a lot of people and has even received an award in Hackney’s Race for Apps competition who are promoters of novel apps for people such as journalists, business individuals and also visitors.


Track The Ripper is basically an interactive mobile movie will take you back in time and make you a detective who is in total control of the investigation; you will have the chance to collect clues and get as close as possible to get to the ripper himself. The player has to identify who the ripper is before he commits his final murder of Mary Kelly. The app consists of killer graphics, 3D visualizations and actually look at the murder sights and get the feel that you are actually there.

The aim of the creators behind the application was to recreate the White chapel just like the way it looked back in the year 1888. To provide the users with hands on experience of how the streets looked at those times and how jack the ripper committed his gruesome murders. The 3d visualization will give you a real life experience and make you believe that you are actually there. Once you start this application you are hooked to it, you get committed and motivated to solve this murder mystery and feel like a ripperologist yourself.

If you are the kind of person that likes to look at things first hand then you have the opportunity to take the Jack the Ripper tour and actually see those sights instead of watching them on your mobile screen. It’s an adventure of its own and you will be frightened, interested and curious all in one visit.


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