Is Your Christmas Party Boring?

Office partyDo you tire of the same old Christmas Party year in and year out – always drinks after work at the same dreary local pub with the same people, eating the same thing and having the same conversation?

Then why not jazz up your Christmas Party and do something completely different, why not consider a Jack the Ripper Tour around London?

Jack the Ripper trawled the streets of London through the autumn and winter months of 1888, he killed female prostitutes injack-the-ripper the dark alleys of Whitechapel in the very early hours of the morning.

The Jack the Ripper tour takes you from door to door of where the murders took place, where the neighbours sometimes never heard their screams and where the ladies lay in their pools of blood slowly dying until they were found.

This isn’t the traditional drink down the pub work Christmas party, instead this is something different. This is something completely different that will bring your team together when they are shivering (of coldness and fear!) on the street corners of London while hearing these gruesome tails.

When your staff return from the Christmas break they will be talking about this fantastic Christmas party for months, maybe years to come, this will be the Christmas Party that is always remembered, never forgotten!

Maybe between you, you can guess who Jack the Ripper was, after all, he was never caught and nobody ever knew who he was – or did they?

My_PubYou can discuss this over a pint of beer, at the pub that Jack the Ripper may have drank at, also the pub where his victims took their last breaths before being brutally murdered by Jack the Ripper.

This will be a Christmas Party that stands out from the rest, it will interest, excite and entertain your whole team of staff and it will be something they can tell their friends and family about. Spreading the world, telling everyone what a great employer you are, instead of just a Christmas party of a few drinks down the pub!


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