Roger Floyd takes on Jack the Ripper

Having looked at the Facebook page for Roger Floyd you could be forgiven for being concerned that Roger Floyd is a serial killer. His facebook status said;

“Two days more and I can open the artery… I can let the blood.”

However, you will be relieved to hear that it is all part of a massive marketing strategy for “The Painter” a new play in Greater Orlando Actors Theatre throughout October and November.

The actor-playwright behind “The Painter”, Roger Floyd has said;

“I just want it known that I’m a loving husband and father,”

Roger Floyd is playing Walter Sickert, who is said to possibly be Jack the Ripper himself.

“The Painter” is fictionalised story of Walter Sickert who was a painter with a very keen interest of Jack the Ripper and his murder spree that terrified all in the East End of London throughout the autumn of 1888.

More recently, authors and experts on the case of Jack the Ripper have said that Walter Sickert was in fact Jack the Ripper and they have accused him for at least five murders, all of which are women.

As Roger Floyd learnt more and more about Walter Sickert and the possibility of him being Jack the Ripper he because more and more intrigued, Roger Floyd said;

“Even if this man wasn’t Jack the Ripper, he was quite an interesting man,”

Roger Floyd goes on to say;

“He had hiding places all around London where he used to hide in the dark and watch people. He painted nude scenes, crime scenes. He had a painting titled ‘Jack the Ripper’s Bedroom.'”

The play of “The Artist” is a bloodthirsty as its marketing campaign indicates; the play has an unsurprisingly violent bent.

If you would like to see what the streets of Whitechapel were like during the prowl of Jack the Ripper, why not book yourself on a tour in London that will take you round the streets and tell you where the victims lived and where the victims died, who the suspects were and where the suspect lived.

Maybe you’ll find out if Jack the Ripper was ever caught!


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