Halloween Jack O Lanterns

With Halloween just around the corner you will notice that your local supermarkets are full of pumpkins, this is in preparation for you to make your very own Jack O’Lantern!

A Jack O’Lantern is made by cutting the top off the pumpkin and scooping out the middle of it, then pop the ‘lid’ back on and you can cut or carve your design into it. The design could be anything you can think of. When the design in carved pop a candle inside and light it and then in the darkness you will see the light show out of the holes you have carved.

It used to be just eyes, a nose and a scary mouth but now the target is higher and higher each year, with everyone trying to create the best Jack O’Lantern they can, to be bigger, better and scarier than the next.

If you need some inspiration why not go on the Jack the Ripper tour in London, this spooky tour takes place in London every night of the week and if it’s thrills, gore and gruesome-ness that you are looking for the Jack the Ripper tour is the place for you.

Although it has not been proven that the Jack O’Lantern is linked to Jack the Ripper this is no reason not to link your Jack O’Lantern to this infamous murdered who trawled the streets killing ladies of the night.

It is said that this murderer was never caught, but as they were so many suspects who could have been Jack the Ripper he may have been caught, I say he, but some experts say that Jack the Ripper was actually a she.

The murders happened over 120 years ago, so whoever Jack the Ripper was will have passed away by now, but what’s to say the ghost of Jack the Ripper or his victims will not haunt the streets of Whitechapel this Halloween.

Maybe while on the tour you will hear the screams of his victims, the cries of those who found the victims, the laughs of the murderer himself, the shouts of the policeman as they tried to track down this horrendous killer.

When you leave this tour I am sure you will have loads of brilliant ideas for your Jack O Lantern, but if not here are some great ideas.


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